Embedded System

IEI, the leading embedded system provider, continues to extend the product footprint from component level to system integration service. Our strong knowledge of market and technology innovation offers reliability, flexibility and interoperability for all of our embedded products with choices of size, performance and features.
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QTS Gateway
Fanless Box PC with QTS Gateway OS
  • Built-in QTS Gateway operating system that can be visualized immediately
  • Supports remote connection (myQNAPcloud) and hybrid backup (Hybrid Backup Sync)
  • QRM+ easily monitors IPMI equipment, servers, PCs and production line equipment Surveillance Station for remote video surveillance, 24/7 security


QTS-Gateway for Fanless Embedded System with Intel® Celeron® J1900 Processor


Maritime Embedded System


基于云的 IPC 内置用于 IIOT 的 QTS 网关操作系统


高性能 第6/7代 Intel® Core™ 处理器, 无风扇嵌入式电脑